If you own a dog, you know that they are a huge responsibility. They require exercising, grooming, feeding, and love. In addition to that, you also have to monitor their mental health to guarantee they are happy.  

Even though they require a lot of things, all the efforts are worth it. This is especially true when you come home and your dog excitedly welcomes you after a busy day at work.  

However, another downside of owning a dog is that they have fur. Unfortunately, their fur will end up getting stuck everywhere, particularly on your carpet.  

Furthermore, dogs also track in bacteria, dirt, and dust from their walks. This is not great, especially if you’ve got a carpet. Fortunately, we are here to help.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some tricks on how to prevent pet hair on your carpet. This includes hiring a Raleigh carpet cleaning service. 

Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Carpet 

Some of the methods we will mention below will help you get rid of dog hair. However, the ideal proven approach to remove your carpet of pet hair and sanitize it deep down is to use a steam carpet cleaning service.  

Expert steam carpet cleaners utilize high-quality tools to lift hair and dirt from deep down the fibers of your carpet.  

Rub the Carpet Using Wet Rubber Gloves 

Rubbing your carpet with a wet rubber glove works well if you notice a lot of dog hair on the carpet. All you need to do is to put on rubber gloves and wet your hands.  

Then, rub the wet gloves over the carpet in a single direction. Most of the dog hair should stick to the wet gloves. You should repeat the process a couple of times until you get enough amount of dog hair up.  

Utilize Pet Hair Removal Tools 

Try visiting your nearest DIY home improvement store or pet shop. They should have some type of pet removal tool for carpets. This includes pet hair rollers, magnets, sponges, or rakes.  

Professionals recommend you try a couple of these tools first. This will help you see which works best for your type of carpet.  

Regularly Vacuum the Carpet 

You will have to increase the frequency of your vacuuming if you’ve got dogs and cats inside your house. Dog and cat hair on the carpet often get walked on with heavy feet. This will push deep down bacteria and dander.  

The ideal way to avoid this is to regularly vacuum your carpet. Professionals recommend doing it at least 3 times a week.  

Lower Your Dogs Hair Fall 

Another method to keep hair off your carpet is to prevent it from falling in the first place. Do you have a hairy dog breed? If so, you should groom your dog more often. You might have to do it every morning and after walks.  

When grooming your dogs, try to add a bit of dry shampoo and brush it off. This guarantees that the hair that would drop on the carpet would end up in the bin.